Sports and cultural was conducted by MAHER University on 18th March 2015. It was one month cultural program in which various sports and cultural events for both girls and boys were conducted. It was conducted to various institutions of MAHER University.


• Volley ball- runners
• Throw ball-winners
• Shuttle singles-winners(praharsitha)
• Shuttle doubles-runners(Renuka, Praharsitha)

Winner of throw ball with our principal and staff members
• Carom-winners(I.Deepa
• Rangoli-1st (Arthi, Praharsitha)

• Mehandi 3rd (Praharsitha)
• Vegetable carving 1st (Arthi)

• Wealth from waste 2nd (Arthi, Praharsitha)
• 100 meters 3rd (Paul Daniel)